Daycare Classes

Toddler Daycare Preschool/Kindergarten Daycare

Day care is desperately needed by parents these days, but a child's needs go beyond custodial care that merely offers a hot lunch and supervised nap and play time. Very young children need much more at this most formative time in their lives.

Creative World's Unique Approach

As an extension of the home, we feel a great responsibility in day care to "grow" your children, and so we recognize the need for an emotionally responsive and a more personal, caring relationship with the children and families in this program.

It is our goal to communicate weekly with all our families to facilitate their involvement with and understanding of their child's development. We also have scheduled conferences twice yearly and are available via phone if needed.

Our program will reflect, then, our commitment to superior education in the spirit of Montessori. It will offer a quality program with a traditional Montessori class (see the attached curriculum) in the morning, and a more relaxed, playful and home-like emphasis with lots of cooking, art and gross motor activities in the afternoon.

For the older children, there will also be time for academic enrichment through special presentations in the afternoon, as well as freedom to return to work in the Montessori environment

Class Schedules

The All Day (3-6) Primary program offers several schedules to meet different needs and follows a more comprehensive calendar beginning mid-August and continuing through June. The class operates 195 days per year. There is a short break at Christmas and also in August for building maintenance.

During the summer, all day hours are offered in a "summer camp" format for a change pace. Separate sign-ups for summer camp sessions over the summer accommodate your need for continued care. Summer camp sessions include special lessons (for example, foreign language and art), and extra recreation (for example swimming and gym.)

It is well worth the extra time and effort to investigate a school that will so influence your child's growth. Please feel free to come and observe our preschool class to better understand our philosophy and our program

All-Day Classes for Toddlers

A toddler all-day class is also available. The needs of children at this age (24 to 36 months) are quite different and thus, the design of the environment and program demands a separate group.